Wildness with Jay Griffiths

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  • Song Name: Jay Griffiths on Wildness
  • Artist: Very Loose Women
  • Year: 04.02.2015

In this episode of Very Loose Women, recorded at Port Eliot festival in the Summer of 2014, Jay discusses how and why she embarked on her seven year project, "Wild: An Elemental Journey", a book chronicling seven years spent travelling the globe living with indigenous people, and learning about their relationships with language, culture, and wildness.

Jay also touches on the freedoms and constrains of childhood, as explored in her work "Kith: The Riddle of the Childscape" and the catharsis of Freida Kahlo's art, the subject of her 2014 fictionalised portrait; "A Love Letter From A Stray Moon."

With music by Lux Harmonium.